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Gosu – A wonderful story.

GOSU, 11 months of development, thousands of play tests, almost 3000 prototypes handed or downloaded, over 200.000 visitors on the blog, more than 2300 fans on Facebook and a game sold out after only 9 days! And Kamakor, its expansion released a year later, received the same extraordinary greetings. All our thanks to you !

In GOSU, each player portrays a warlord recruiting goblins to build his army. Each Game Round ends in a Great Battle duting which the player with the strongest army scores a victory point. The first player to earn three victory points wins the game. You may also win by fulfilling alternate victory conditions given on the general’s cards.


2 to 4 players

aged 10 and up

Durée : 20-45 minutes Duration : 20-45 minutes

Disponible en Français, Anglais et Allemand  Available in French, English and German


GOblin SUpremacy

Game Material

100 Goblin Cards

8 Activation Tokens

9 Victory Points

1 Advantage Token

A game designed by Kim Satô

Illustrated by Bertrand Benoit et Romain Gaschet

Graphic design by Ian Parovel

Edited by Moonster Games

Distributed by Asmodee

Released in August 2010


Brand, Design, Games
Moonster Games / Asmodee
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