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Game design / Graphics / Project Manager


A fun and fast game in flash for The Podcats website, France Television youth portal, iPhone & iPad

Producer : Nathalie Blanchard

Game Design : Ian Parovel

Development (for flash versions) : Jérôme Deryckere & Didier Terrieu

Adaptation (for iOs versions) : Globz

Based on “The Podcats” license.


Ready ? GO !
Welcome to “Searchman”, the Hidden Object game that lives up to its name!
In searchman, you need to find the “podcats” heads as quickly as you can. Be Searchman, find the heads as fast as you can in this fast-paced hidden object game !

Easy ? Ehehehe…
Just look at the various game modes that we offer:

– between 25 or 50 Levels in a mode !
– ClassicMode
– Hardcore Mode
– and Marathon Mode
– Random heads, places & moves !
– 25 backgrounds
– Original music and high graphics !

Tired of the same old-fashioned game ? This one is ENDLESS and give you the “Podcats” graphics.

You can have hours of fun playing Searchman, being Searchman !

Get the game on the appstore :

Se@archman : The Game



Okidoki Studio / PMP-Morgane / France Télévision Interactif