GoSu : Goblin Supremacy

Design / Box / Adaptation & Advertising


Gosu – A wonderful story.

GOSU, 11 months of development, thousands of play tests, almost 3000 prototypes handed or downloaded, over 200.000 visitors on the blog, more than 2300 fans on Facebook and a game sold out after only 9 days! And Kamakor, its expansion released a year later, received the same extraordinary greetings. All our thanks to you !

In GOSU, each player portrays a warlord recruiting goblins to build his army. Each Game Round ends in a Great Battle duting which the player with the strongest army scores a victory point. The first player to earn three victory points wins the game. You may also win by fulfilling alternate victory conditions given on the general’s cards.


2 to 4 players

For Ages 10 and up

Duration : 20-45 minutes

Available in French, English and German


GOblin SUpremacy

Game Material

100 Goblin Cards

8 Activation Tokens

9 Victory Points

1 Advantage Token.

Illustrated by Bertrand Benoît & Romain Gaschet