Louise elle est folle

Web development / Design and video encoding.

This website features an interactive map for the ease of navigation between countries, a multi-tool video display for subtitles and chapters on videos, and a photo gallery.


In Paris, Naples and Warsaw, women of all ages and all walks of life, answer 5 questions thoughts by Leslie Kaplan.

Since May 2010, Le Théâtre des Lucioles (Rennes-France),  Teatro Stabile di Napoli (Naples – Italy) and CAMERA OBSCURA (Warsaw – Poland) are engaged in a cultural cooperation project supported by the European Union.

Initiated by the author Leslie Kaplan and actresses / directors Elise Vigier and Frédérique Loliée, this project starts from a reflection, conducted for several years by the three artists, themes: women, the city madness , the words.

Developed in the last pieces of Leslie Kaplan, these themes can query the world here and now.