Graphic design, packaging, logo and visual adaptation.

Stream is a game designed by Yoshihisa Itsubaki

Each player has 20 empty cases to fill with numbers. The goal is to create the longest ascending series possible. Twenty numbered tiles are randomly drawn, and every number must board a car and stay there. Break the series and you miss out on points. You need luck, but smart play pays off. Players cleverly determine the likelihood of a number drawn or rely on sharp guesswork. Some numbers may be pulled twice, and a wild tile can save a series. Better think fast, everyone must quickly assign a car for their number before the next tile is called.

Easy to learn and undoubtedly a crowd pleaser. With clear-cut game play and lots of suspense, Streams is big fun for up to 100 players.

Game Material :

– 40 STREAMS tiles, numbered from 1 to 30 and one JOKER tile.

– 1 block of game sheets

– 8 pencils

– 1 cloth bag

– 1 rulebook.