The Podcats

Creator / Screenwriter / Animator / Art Director

Four videogame characters decided to create a music group after having been tired of always staying in their respective games, this does not prevent them from returning to experience multiple adventures.

The Podcats is a French 3D animated television series of 78 episodes, produced by Okidoki Studio with Docks Dog Studio and the TV channel France 3. The first season has been aired the 7th February 2009 on France 3 in the TV show Ludo. Next seasons were aired to France 4 and France Ô.

Each episode includes two sketches dealing with the same subject, and a third entitled Profcats explaining the theme of the day’s show, such as: boss , GPS , buzz , ping , etc. The episode ends generally with a musical performance of the Podcats in front of the public.

Overactive animation, manga faces, colorful environments and the many characters from different video game universes are characteristic of the series and give it a very particular style.

The work of animation, lighting and compositing was entrusted to Mokko Studio, a Montreal studio.