Ian Parovel

Wonder Maker

Developer and creator of ideas, concepts & universes, Ian Parovel develops existing projects or creates new ones from scratch. He is a multifaceted artist skilled in video, graphic design, games & more.

Born in 1983, digital native, Ian got his first computer, a Commodore 64 when he was eight. He discovered BASIC along with his first video games and bitmap pictures.

In 1994, he was already feverishly working on his Amiga 500 to make animations and graphic design. Fascinated by demo scenes & computer-generated videos, he ended up making his own graphical demo, written in 68k assembly language.

For the next three years, he learned how to use Paint Shop Pro, Anim8tor and Ligthwave. In 1996 he integrated the LYCOM (SchoolofCommunication) in Audiovisual section, thus showing his determination to work in the television industry. Inspired by John Lasseter, Pixar & Tim Burton, he start to work on animation projects, pushing him to use 3D rendered pictures as a fantastic way to express his talent.

In 1999, he started making flyers, posters and VJing (Video-Jockeying) for friends, leading him to eventually do the same for famous electronic music events (in Germany, France & Belgium). Producing full 3D rendered animations give him the opportunity to reach oversseas country. Over the following years, he created many interactive installations, video-reports and graphics, in collaboration with other artists.

At the same time, he wrote articles for video games related medias (Perfect-Network, Exeon, etc…) and he began to develop & design websites. In 2003, while working freelance, he developed further his proficiency in photography, video and graphic design in direct relation with customers’ expectations. Photoshop, After effects, Final Cut & all the productions suite became his favorite tools to create videos, websites & human-machine interactions, as well as games & interactive installations.

Moving to Paris in 2007, he started to work at Okidoki Studio on an animated TV show called “The Badabops” as VFX artist. The experience was a success, and brought Ian to the next level: “The Podcats”. This animated series was the first where he worked as author, designer & art director.

And “The Podcats” animated series became a hit!

On February 9th 2009, the first aired episode immediately found its public on France3, with an audience of more than 1,2 million spectators, representing 20.4% of TV market, including 31.8% of the 4-10 year-olds and 30.6% of 11-14 year-olds.

While the animated series was on air, Ian worked on the official “Podcats” website which won four international awards for innovation in interactive media. This was the first time the IMA (Interactive Media Award) had awarded a prize to a French team. Meanwhile, he engaged spectators into some of the firsts trans-media games, by mixing up broadcast content & apps.
With a total of 130 episodes (representing no less than 1,118 minutes of show!), Ian spent 5 years on this show, which is still broadcast in Poland, France, Catalonia, and various other countries.

In between two seasons of “The Podcats”, he handled several creative projects, most of them for “Fashion Week Illustrated”, hosted by famous artist Amylee, working for three years as a Movie Director.

Thanks to these successful experiences, he turned to the development of both online and offline games, as well as board games. In 2010, “Moonster Games” CEO Emmanuel Beltrando asked Ian to turn upside down the players’ habits, by offering them an innovative graphic approach on the card game “GoSu”.

From 2011 to 2015, he was working for different companies such as Disney & Europa Corp on movie’s side, and on the board game side for Cocktail Games, Happy Baobab & ¬†Ludonaute. This last one made the Ludonaute’s team win a “Spiel des Jahres”, the most famous prize awarded to a boardgame, for the title “Colt Express”.

Today, Ian focuses his projects on interactivity, design and an ergonomic approach. Always looking for new challenges, Ian welcomes every project you may submit.