Fame Us

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Play Me i’m Fame Us !

Find celebrities meeting several criterias. Each player has “Criteria” cards in hand : blonde, brown, young, old, doing politics, sings… At the beginning of the game are distributed to each player one “Team” card, which remains secret until to the end of the game. So you play as a team, but without knowing that!

Players can then either add a criterion to the center of the table, or draw a card if they do not find a celebrity gathering all the features asked, accusing the previous player is bluffing. In this case, the accused shall appoint a famous people matching the criterias. If he fails, he draws three new “Criteria” cards. Some characters can be open to discussion. Defend your proposal by showing patter and insurance! The winning team is the one with the fewest “Criteria”┬ácards at the end of the game.

– A game in line with the range of games from Asmodee bags.
– Thousands of possible combinations for a permanent renewal of personalities to find.
– A perfect balance between knowledge and bluff!


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