Texas Zombies

Design / Print / Adaptation


TEXAS ZOMBIES Aka Cat & Chocolate

The first horror party game !

A group of students from a Texas University goes in a former military facility in the middle of the desert. A field trip like many others… until they reach their destination.

The base has become the main hideout of a mexican drug cartel, which employs a cheap and reckless taskforce : zombies !

Stuck with those living and undead foes, and not to mention other abominations lost in this forsaken place, will you survive ?


Texas Zombies is an alternate take to Cat & Chocolate, a Japanese party game designed by Ryo Kawakami, where players evolve in a haunted manor filled with ghosts and spirits. We liked the concept, and we worked on a European and US version of the game. And for us, it takes place in Texas, with zombies, drugdealers, and monsters !

During the game, players get to face random events, as wicked as hazardous, and will try to survive, relying on their ingenuity and the few objects at their disposal.